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Need Water Analysis Or Wood Insect Inspection? Whether A Homebuyer, Seller or Real Estate Professional, call The HomeTeam Inspection Service at 440-969-7480!

Full Home InspectionPest

The HomeTeam Inspection Service of Ashtabula, OH provides complete home inspection services for properties small and large. Our experienced inspectors offer comprehensive inspections for every aspect of your home including the foundation, roof, attics, electrical systems, heating and cooling, siding and exterior, plumbing and drain systems, flooring and walls, windows, doors and more! If you have a specific area you are concerned with, we will analyze the situation and answer all of your questions and concerns. For a fast, accurate home inspection, call our ASHI inspection team.
Wood Destroying Insect

Wood Destroying Insect

Our ASHI certified inspectors at The HomeTeam Inspection Service are dedicated to delivering the best service at the best price. You can depend on us to provide thorough wood destroying insect inspections to ensure your structure is not undergoing serious damage. Ensure no termites, carpenter ants, powder-post beetles or carpenter bees are present. If you think pests are a problem, contact our experts today!

Well and Water

The HomeTeam Inspection Service provides Ashtabula, OH and surrounding areas with well and water inspections. Whether you are looking to buy a new home or you think something is wrong with your system, we have the experience and knowledge required to identify any malfunctions. We will test for bacteria like Coliform, chemicals, and potability. Trust our knowledgeable team to get the job done right the first time.



Mold isn't always easy to find. It can be hidden in your walls, plumbing systems, roof and other moisture prone areas. The highly qualified team at The HomeTeam Inspection Service understands the dangers mold poses to your health as well as the structure of your building. Our experienced team knows where mold often hides and has the tools to find it. Immediate action is recommended, so if you believe you have a mold problem, contact us today to find out!

Septic System

If you need a septic system inspection, depend on The HomeTeam Inspection Service for the most comprehensive services at reasonable prices. We will check the various components to ensure the system is functional and performing to the specifications of the County Health Department. Our fully licensed and insured inspectors are prompt and unbiased. Contact us today for a convenient appointment at 440-969-7480!


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